Camera Comparison: OnePlus 3 does not need to fear the Galaxy S7

The OnePlus smartphones cameras were not previously glossed discipline of Chinese startups. The OnePlus 3, the company’s next trial started and obviously done a good job. Before more expensive Samsung Galaxy S7 one must not hide.

A flagship Killer requires two things: a low price and very good hardware. Not an easy task – without compromise difficult to implement. In recent years, often stung the camera out as criticism. With the new OnePlus, OnePlus 3 but has on the legs a decent overall package which apparently is on a par with much more expensive models of the competition.

In camera comparison between the OnePlus 3 and Galaxy S7 the development of the manufacturer is once again well below the flagship killer.

is particular in bright conditions, the camera of the 400-euro smartphones the Samsung device hardly to – the similarity of the photos was surprising my colleagues from Techinsider.

Looking at the photos, you might even think that both devices use the same sensor. Some allow the OnePlus 3 with 16 MP sharper images – the Galaxy S7 features a 12 MP camera. For the aperture of more expensive smartphones with f / 1.7 is much larger compared to f / 2.0 at the flagship killer. The difference in the quality of both cameras to make itself particularly noticeable in low light.

OnePlus 3: Slow autofocus

Of course, 3TECH takes the OnePlus 3 under the microscope. Here we could see already that the camera in good light delivers decent results. Once the lighting conditions are poor or are rapid movements in the game, but show up weaknesses:

The result is partly muddy and blurred photos. On top of that, the autofocus does a pretty slow impression. The detailed test for OnePlus 3 with more detailed information on the camera will soon appear on

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