The Meizu MX7 lets you see your front with reduced bezels in a supposed real image

While the most anticipated handsets arrive in the coming months, several Chinese manufacturers are taking advantage of this pause to announce their future phones in hopes of attracting a few glances.

Meizu MX7

However, starting this summer the protagonists will be those companies that have been making a name these years, among which is Meizu.

Although their phones lately are not impressing much, Meizu continues to attract attention, especially when it comes to the MX family, which is usually targeted at terminals with good specifications and a competitive price.

It is expected that in the coming months the Meizu MX7 will be presented, from which an alleged real image has appeared showing fairly small side bevels.

In the image that we can see below, has leaked a photo of what would be the Meizu MX7 and we can see its front. As we observed, the design does not differ much of other terminals of the mark, although it is seen that the side edges are quite reduced.

A few months ago a calendar was leaked that showed that the Meizu MX7 would see the light in September, about three months after its Pro version.

As it appeared in that leak, the phone would appear with the MediaTek Helio P30 processor, which still Has not been presented, so in this sense, it is best to walk with feet of lead.

Meizu MX7

Keeping this in mind, it is mentioned that it could use the MediaTek Helio X30 or the Snapdragon 660, the latter recently introduced, but before that, it will be necessary to see if the Taiwanese manufacturer of processors brings out, the Helio P30 in time.

As for specs, it is said that it would bring a 5.7-inch screen with QHD resolution, a rear camera of 21 MP and a front of 5 MP.

It is also rumored to keep the mini-jack connector and will also bring USB-C.

At the moment it is not known for sure if the image corresponds to the Meizu MX7 or to some other of the company, with which we recommend, as always, to be cautious, at least until the Chinese manufacturer decides to give dates in which they will present their Phones over the next few months.