Lumigon T3 is the first smartphone with night vision

For nighttime situations where you wanted to have a superhero ability to see in the dark, now there Lumigon T3.

Rarely heard today that someone has managed to create a phone that incorporates a revolutionary feature, unique and useful at the same time.

It seems, however, that a little-known company has achieved this performance through the new Lumigon T3.

In the past, the same manufacturer tried to make waves in the industry through Lumigon T2, a pretty attractive smartphone that boasted an above-average audio performance thanks to the collaboration with Bang & Olufsen.

While sounds great T2, T3 apparently sees very well, even in the dark.

According to several online publications, authentically, Lumigon T3 is the first phone with night vision, allowing you to capture photos and videos in the same way that a dedicated infrared security camera could capture those moments.

In other news, if your field of activity not involving the use consistently of such a room would be a bit weird to invest a significant amount in a phone just for that. Fortunately, Lumigon T3 has an above average performance and a design quite handsome, not to make you feel at any time that you made a compromise.

Lumigon T3 is built around a 4.8-inch HD panel with Gorilla Glass protected.

The process is a combination of a 64-bit octa-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz and 3GB RAM. It has dual SIM supports wireless charging, and besides the two chambers 13 and 5 megapixels, there are a third rear 4 megapixels. Another interesting feature called BackTouch included. The latter allows you to interact with various functions of the machine by touching on the dedicated housing.

The price is very affordable at 740 USD for the standard version, but there is also a gold-plated 24-karat just $ 1,200.

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