Latest 2016 Moto X leak

Details on the 2016 variant of Motorola’s Moto X (or is it Moto Z?) line are scant, but the latest one is both exciting and fitting with earlier looks at the new hardware.

The new image shows three accessories that presumably clip onto the back of the new Moto X, which aligns nicely with original leaks that show an array of pogo pins on the back that could let such a set of modules attach and augment the phone.

The new Moto X leak, as it so often does, comes from @evleaks on Twitter:

We’re having a tough time guessing what the rearmost module would be, but the middle one looks to be perhaps an extended battery with a kickstand while the foremost looks like a very exciting full camera sensor, lens, grip, flash and physical shutter key.

Not only do these modules look to be straight up challenging the LG G5 in the “modular phone” segment, they also seem very reminiscent of how Lenovo plugs together different functional modules in its “ThinkPad Stack” accessory products.

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