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Wild rumors about the iPhone 8: Touch ID on the back and “Edition” name

Touch ID on the back? Metal instead of glass and the name “iPhone Edition”? A source from the Foxconn environment wants to correct current iPhone 8 rumors.

iPhone 8

iDropNews supposedly received information on the next iPhone from a Foxconn employee. According to the report, the device is named “iPhone Edition” and look a little different than rumored.

Perhaps the biggest shock: According to the report, the sensor for Touch ID is supposed to be located on the back of the device and is not – as hitherto suspected – integrated into the display. The reasons for this are unknown.

Apple should have decided after initial tests with a back of glass but now for a back metal.

The glass was too lightly broken. And yet the informant, who wants to see a “final prototype”, speaks of a “radically new design”.

The “iPhone Edition” probably inherits the dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus – but it should be placed vertically on the back. The conceptual image of the device ( above ) is “nearly identical” to the prototype.

Two cameras on the front will help the device recognize three-dimensional objects.

A facial recognition based on this technique might replace Touch ID in some cases.