iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 will be available for sale from March 18

Apple does not give anything less than the competition, who will present on February 21 flagship sites than users expected Samsung and LG.

As I said recently, both February and March will be full of surprises for fans of mobile devices, regardless of the brand they prefer.

Well, we all know that Apple is preparing to meet the growing demands of its fans related to iPhones 4 inches. We already know who will be variations of colors in which the phone will be available iPhone 5se because it is rumored that the smartphone will be called, as well as issues related to its specifications.

In addition, rumors indicate that the launch date on 15 March, and rumors last hours shows that iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 with a new series of Apple Watch will be available for sale starting March 18 in just 3 days after the company expects to support an event to announce new hardware.

Sources also claim that there will be a period pre-orderable. iPhone 5se is expected to be a hybrid of iPhone 5se and iPhone 6 with updated components and an NFC chip for Apple Pay.

iPad Air 3 is rumored to be an iPad Pro mini, more or less. If you plan to purchase an iPhone or iPad mini, now you know that is the day they become available. Unfortunately, there is no rumor about the possibility that iPad mini to receive an upgrade.

It is not yet clear how Apple will ask for iPhone 5se, but it is rumored that a version will be “cheaper” iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

Many expect the iPhone 5se to cost around $ 500