Huawei P10: DxOMark attests better camera than the iPhone 7

The experts from DxOMark have taken the Huawei P10 under the microscope and tested the camera of the brand new high-end smartphone.

Huawei P10

Apparently, Huawei could improve in many aspects and even sticks out Apple.

An important snapshot of everyday life is often recorded with your own smartphone. The one-time mobile phone has now become a multi-functional companion and is therefore also a spontaneous go-to camera.

But just because it is a snapshot, the qualitative claim to the picture does not have to stand behind. Huawei was only able to do so to a limited extent. The Huawei P9 had an innovative dual camera but did not produce outstanding photos.

The last Mate 9 from last autumn was a bigger step towards a competitive camera – according to DxOMark, the snapshots were almost as good as those of the iPhone 7.

How the renowned camera experts classify the new Huawei P10?

Huawei P10: Solid camera with small weaknesses

The answer: Surprisingly far up. With 87 overall points, the Huawei P10 reaches almost the top in the DxOMark ranking – only HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Sony Xperia Performance are 88 points and the Google pixel with 89 points over it.

The experts emphasize the high level of detail and textures that the dual camera of the P10 is able to capture. Likewise, the recording quality under sub-optimal lighting conditions and in semi-illuminated buildings is relatively good. Another praise can get the reliable autofocus.

The reason why the Huawei P10 lands below Google Pixel and Co. is, on the one hand, the color reproduction, which is not always accurate – although the criticism is at a high level.

On the other hand, the LED flashes unevenly in some situations, especially towards the edges of the picture. Likewise, the quality of the video recordings, which are very detail-rich, but under bad lighting conditions are a little too noisy and color distortions.

Bottom line, however, is enough for 87 points, which is not a bad camera. The detailed camera is available on DxOMark. The Huawei P10 will be available from next week. The suggested retail price is 599 euros.