HTC 10 dominates its competition on audio recordings quality

It is possible to choose a speaker phone function of the power, but it is hard to say whether anyone would choose an HTC 10 for how the audio recorded.

If you ask your friends what defines a smartphone Efficiency The first answer might be related to processing power, while the second will concern the quality of captured images. If your enthusiasm related to HTC 10 is still very high, you can rely on the ability of Taiwanese makers of devices to achieve something that impresses you more.

Top on new phones from HTC, they stand out when you shoot something or someone.

No one prepared exclusivity and fine detail of the new feature by this time, but there are too few variables to not be convinced that HTC 10 exceeds emotionless any alternative top competition, whether the One M9, Huawei P9, iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7.

To better understand which involved balancing test between phones moment, just take a look at the clip from Btekt up a few days ago on YouTube, which you can watch in full above.

Specifications section, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to find another smartphone equipped with a Hi-Res recorder 24-bit and as a microphone. In practice, this should translate into a higher quality audio content that is suitable for musical concerts, not just voice.

The ideal scenario is that an indie artist to make high-quality recordings anywhere they are, then uploading to YouTube or to use a more complex project.

After all, the sound quality overall is a very subjective concept. Regarding the new HTC but there is little doubt that it could be worse than anything else in the same market segment.