Google Pixel would extend its support for updates thanks to Project Treble

As much as we may like Android, we can not deny that it has a rather serious flaw, fragmentation, which makes today only 7% of Android devices have Nougat installed, having appeared just a little less than a year.

Google Pixel
Not a few measures that Google has tried to stop fragmentation, but so far none has been very effective.

The next attempt by Mountain View to minimize fragmentation is called Project Treble, which aims to lessen the work that a manufacturer has to do when distributing the latest version of Android with its customization.

However, against all odds, Project Treble would reach the Google Pixel along with its update to Android O.

Project Treble will arrive at the Google Pixel as soon as they receive the upgrade to Android O, although this feature will be ready for devices coming with this Android version from the factory.

And we say against all odds because Project Treble is prepared to arrive at smartphones that leave the factory with Android O, but in this case, Google would release it for the Pixel.

This measure could mean (although better not to put the hand in the fire) than the more recent terminals of Google would have support for more time.

project treble

As a summary, project Treble aims to eliminate the need to adapt the chipset drivers to the new version of Android, so manufacturers would save time and users would receive the desired updates sooner and with fewer problems.

To find out if this project is really effective we will have to wait, first, for several devices (other than Pixel 2) to come out with Android O from the factory and then it is time to make an important update.

Do you think this will be the right way to end fragmentation or will it be forgotten?