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Google on iOS now will help you find movies, music, and series in streaming services

Google for iOS is the alternative to Safari that offers the search engine company, now, has been updated with a new and considerable improvement.

Google on iOS

When we go to look for a movie, a series or a song (album or artist also) will offer us not only the results of it, but also links to play it in the main services in streaming .

For example, if we look for the Interstellar movie in Google, we will always find links to Wikpedia and other points of interest but we will also see a section with the icons of the main sites where we can see it.

In this case in Netflix, but we can appear icons of iTunes, Hulu, Amazon Video, Google Play, YouTube and Spotify …. When you click, the app opens and starts to play.

Google now saves us searching one by one in all of our subscription services.

In addition to the options for streaming, we will see the purchase or rental options of the product. On the other hand, if you have a specific price and it is not in a subscription service, it will also show this price.

In short, a huge improvement that saves us searching one by one in all our subscription services .

However, this is not new to Google. Some websites like Letterbox already offer this service for movies. But if we go further, Safari for iOS and MacOS takes a while showing in links directly suggested the link to iTunes whether it is a movie, song or series.

The difference, in this prime case, is the fact that Google offers alternatives to all possible services, is not limited to its own service as Apple with iTunes.

The functionality is already available in the Google app for iOS as well as on the web if you access from a mobile device. In Android this feature has been available for much longer.

Remember that you can download Google for iOS from the App Store for free.

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