The first phone certified by Netflix for HDR and Dolby Vision is the LG G6

The new screen format of both LG G6 and Galaxy S8 has a specific goal and is to increase the multimedia experience offered by these two high-end phones.


The reproduction of series, films, and documentaries online is in vogue and that better than having one of those devices to throw us to the couch and to enjoy some time of some of the hottest shows.

Netflix has just certified the LG G6 as the first smartphone to have the HDR and Dolby Vision. This can be confirmed if we go to the Netflix page where the Korean manufacturer’s phone is the only one that appears in the ‘Netflix in HDR and Dolby Vision’ tab.

The LG G6 with Netflix in HDR and Dolby Vision

The LG G6 is the first phone compatible with the format ‘Dolby Vision’ and ‘HDR’ (UltraHD Premium) on Netflix.

HDR technology gives the image of greater realism by increasing the ability to display colors and contrasts, while Dolby Vision offers enhancements over HDR10, the open standard for the adoption of HDR technology in televisions, with a wider range of luminance And color depth.

lg g6 netflix

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the other phone that could be on the list, sharing almost the same format with 18.5: 9, although we still know when users of this device will be able to take advantage of the HDR and Dolby Vision.

For those who already have an LG G6 in hand, you can choose to download version 5.1 of the Netflix APK or wait for the Android app to update from the Google Play Store to take advantage of those capabilities for multimedia.

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium will be another phone that will sign up for the party of the HDR and Dolby Vision soon, to access the playback of the nearly 20 programs currently available in that particular format.

An LG G6 that achieves a great point in its favor by being the first phone certified by Netflix to play content in that format so attractive, and that becomes the spearhead for more devices that opt for the format 18: 9 on their screens.