FairPhone 3, the first data on the next generation of sustainable modular mobile

Many of us have heard of these years of the Fairphone, whose first version appeared four years ago. It was a mid-range smartphone that normally would not attract attention if it were not because the minerals used to manufacture it are free from conflict.

Fairphone 3

If anyone wondered if this brand had disappeared, the answer is no, as the CEO of the company has announced to FrAndroid, there will be a Fairphone 3 that will continue to make people aware that things can be done differently. Of course, to be able to do with this terminal we will have to wait until 2018.

During next year we will see the Fairphone 3, although its specifications will focus more on the mid-low range than on the high.

Fairphone CEO Bas Van Abel has told the FrAndroid blog that the third generation of the handset is in the development phase, bringing the phone to 2018.

The brand seeks, in this new smartphone, to be somewhat more competitive, but for this, they will have to give up a very powerful hardware like the one used in Fairphone 2 by 2015.

It is mentioned that, specifically, would use a Snapdragon chip of the 400 series, in the same way as the Moto G5 or Nokia 6, although it would not have prices as low as the latter since Fairphone, due to the low volume of phones that they manufacture, Do not receive discounts.

Even so, it is more than likely that the price is well below 500 €.

Fairphone 2 will receive some software and hardware upgrades

One of the points of difference of the Fairphone with respect to the other manufacturers, besides using conflict-free materials to not contribute financially to the covert wars that are still being waged by Africa, is that they are modular telephones.

This way any user can replace a piece if it is damaged or, if there is one, install a better one.

In the case of the Fairphone 2, in addition to the spare parts already on the manufacturer ‘s website, they will soon take out another camera module whose characteristics and price are not known, but should not be too far from the 34 € that costs the existing one.

One point they say will not update will be the motherboard, so there would be no way to make it more powerful.

As for software, currently has Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but Van Abel says he could release the update to Nougat, which would depend on Qualcomm, a difficult thing because the Snapdragon 801 (800) was the AOSP project.

Nevertheless, we will be attentive during the next months to inform of possible developments. Would you do with a Fairphone 3 next year?