Bixby keeps an ace up his sleeve: as well as talking, rapping and beatboxing

Recently the Galaxy S8 was introduced, one of the most anticipated phones of the year, but along with their physical changes came more things, such as ‘Desktop Experience’ or the new virtual assistant Bixby.

The latter joins the growing number of attendees that some manufacturers are programming on their own, leaving aside Google Assistant.

As for Bixby, Samsung announced that it was not yet complete and that, in addition, a number of languages it would be able to support would be very limited by now.

But what the Korean manufacturer has not told the public is that their assistant is able to rap and beatbox with some dignity.

Samsung was very quiet, and for us to know this ability has been necessary to go to almighty YouTube, where some users have posted videos of Bixby rapping and beatbox.

The downside of this is that it only rap in Korean, so it’s hard to know if it’s all a talent to discover in the world of ‘hip-hop’ or just an amateur.

Apart from all this, Bixby apparently hid an ‘easter egg’ in one of its themes, and is that, as verified by Android Authority with a Korean, the first characters of each line says, in their language, “I’m better than Siri“.

There is no doubt that Samsung has put an extra bit of humor to his assistant who, instead of (or in addition to) telling jokes, raps and does beatbox.