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Watch Dogs 2 Welcome to San Francisco Gameplay

Watch Dogs 2, the new entry of the collection evolved by way of Ubisoft launching subsequent month on PC and consoles, might be set in a fictional version of San Francisco, and today Ubisoft shared a brand new trailer to get players familiar with the metropolis.

The new Watch dogs 2, aptly named Welcome to San Francisco, showcases the game’s metropolis as well as some of its icon locations and feasible sports.

For Marcus Holloway, the San Francisco Bay region is his playground. From Marin to Oakland to Silicon Valley to the metropolis, the neighborhoods and people are as various as the activities dotted anywhere in the Bay area.

Watch the “Welcome to San Francisco” Trailer and absorb all the sights, sounds, and action that the sector of Watch dogs 2 has to provide.

Last week, Ubisoft confirmed that the PC version of Watch Dogs 2 will be released a few days after the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game, on November 29th.

The system requirements have also been detailed, alongside some other PC-exclusive features such as no frame rate cap and more .

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