Resident Evil 7 is a full PlayStation VR game

Where did the damnation that originates from? Capcom recently uncovered that Resident Evil 7 will be a full PS VR experience.

In a standout amongst the most amazing uncovers of E3 as such, Capcom demonstrated Resident Evil 7: Biohazard playing in the first individual point of view on PS4 and affirmed it will be completely perfect with PlayStation VR. Dread not, however, it will likewise come to Xbox One and PC.

In spite of the fact that PS VR is out this October, Resident evil 7 itself won’t dispatch until Jan. 24, 2017, however, a demo for the diversion will be accessible to PlayStation Plus supporters today.

The footage we saw indicated to a greater extent an exemplary dreadful Resident Evil experience, one that is obviously taken a leaf out of the book of PT, the drop Silent Hills venture.

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