E3 2016: Kratos returns as the disappointed God of War

Sony has commenced its E3 2016 question and answer session by uncovering its since a long time ago supposed Norse mythology-based reboot of the God of War arrangement.

Highlighting a totally patched up style of gameplay, an open world setting and an over the shoulder, player-controlled camera, the new God of War sees Kratos reconsidered as a whiskey Viking-sort with a youthful child.

This is a gentler, more quelled rendition of Kratos, but one that is obviously baffled by his child’s hesitancy to wind up a furious seeker like him.

God of War at E3 2016

What’s most noteworthy about the new section, be that as it may, is that it figures out how to make us feel awful about murdering, with the trailer finishing on a shockingly lamentable scene in which Kratos strengths his child to execute a deer.

In spite of the fact that the gameplay is entirely unexpected to what we’ve generally expected from the God of War arrangement, we can even now anticipate savagely crushing a collection of enormous creatures, as confirm by the brute Kratos and child kill in the trailer beneath.

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