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Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi router, where you can buy

For something that plays such an important role in our lives, Wi-Fi is rubbish. We’re often plagued with black spots, slow speeds, unstable connections, and worst of all, ugly routers.

In an age where literally everything, even mirrors, and toasters, require an internet connection, having a rock solid connection is more important than ever.

You may have noticed a recent rise in ‘tri-band mesh networks’, which consist of a Hub and Satellite, both blasting signal into every corner of your house.

There are many imposters, but NetGear Orbi is the original, and we’ve been using it for several months to see if it’s any good.

NetGear Orbi is a Wi-Fi router. It consists of a hub and satellite (or multiple satellites), which create a tri-band mesh network around your home.

The satellite is similar to a Wi-Fi range extender, boosting the signal in hard to reach places, but with a few major benefits.

Where can you get NetGear Orbi?

You can buy NetGear Orbi most places including Currys and Amazon. It’s pretty expensive, at £350.

Is it worth £350? It depends whether you’d really see the benefit of Orbi over a high-end traditional router – you’d need to take house size and wall thickness into consideration.

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