Google Home can now differentiate several voices

New update for Google Home and not the least: Google’s home automation assistant is now able to distinguish several voices. A blow to Alexa from Amazon?

Google Home
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Here’s a major update that will delight many Google Home users. The home automation assistant of the Mountain View firm is now able to support several voices and thus respond to several requests from different users.

A sizable feature for this home-based wizard, which can now distinguish queries from different family members and manage multiple accounts related to the object. As a model of intelligence, Google Home will be able to adapt its speech according to the interlocutors, who will benefit from personalized answers.

We are adding the possibility to six people to connect with their account on a Google Home. Now, when I ask help from the Google Wizard, he can tell my wife’s voice, and I can hear my own playlists, my own travel time, my own schedule, and much more again.

YURY PINSKY, Product Manager.

Google Home multi-user mode is acquired by downloading the latest version of the compatible application. After linking the accounts to Google Home, affiliated users will have to go through a learning and voice recognition phase, in order to familiarize themselves with the home automation solution.

Of course, Google Home is still not available in our regions, so only US users are concerned about this useful and promising feature on this kind of equipment in the center of the house.