Alexa vs Siri: Hotel War Begins

Now that they have managed to win the hearts of the general public, the virtual assistants that are Siri of Apple and Alexa of Amazon compete for the market of the hotel industry.

Alexa vs Siri

The latter engage in a merciless struggle – of course, all proportionately – to become real masters of connected hotels.

Intelligent assistants Siri and Alexa are currently being tested at one of the largest hotel chains in the world: the Marriott International.

It is precisely at the Aloft Hotel in Boston that this shameless struggle between Amazon’s and Apple’s artificial intelligence skills and performance is taking place.

The goal is to observe which of the two responds most effectively to voice commands made by the client.

As good meter d ‘aspiring to become, wizards are likely to be used to turn on or off the lights of each room, to control room temperature, or to interact with installed televisions via voice commands.

The hotel chain intends to exploit both RNs to provide tourist and meteorological information.

The lucky winner, expected to arrive in hotel rooms within the next 6 months, has not yet been announced by the Marriott group.

However, according to the list of compatible products Alexa – much more extensive than that of the products compatible HomeKit of Apple – it could be that Alexa has a considerable advantage.

The hotel chain Wynn Resorts has already equipped one of its hotels (that of Las Vegas) with a series of Amazon Echo and plans to install the loudspeaker connected in more than 4,000 rooms.

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