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Google Home

Google Home multi-user mode is acquired by downloading the latest version of the compatible application.

Alexa vs Siri

The virtual assistants that are Siri of Apple and Alexa of Amazon compete for the market of the hotel industry.


It's now official, Alexa - the virtual assistant of the Amazon Echo - is available on the iOS application of the e-commerce giant.

Google Home Assistant

The Google Home Assistant is apparently used by Google to play unsolicited commercials from "partners".


Clearly, SnoozeTabs is aimed primarily at Firefox users who can not afford to leave tabs open until they have time to read them


On top of this, Stan has revealed that season 2 of its original series Wolf Creek will premiere on March 24, 2017.

NetGear Orbi

NetGear Orbi is a Wi-Fi router. It consists of a hub and satellite (or multiple satellites), which create a tri-band mesh network.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was just recently revealed to the world, bringing with plenty of hype and skepticism.

kids apps

There's no doubting the fact that children today are far more tech-savvy than ever.

Apple TV Guide

An Apple TV Guide would successfully skate around the absence of Hollywood arrangements. It would monitor everything that is as of now accessible, with an outline and experience that is extraordinarily Apple, yet without the requirement for Apple to permit ...

Google Play Store

These will incorporate application sizes, notwithstanding APK downloads. It would appear that Google is bringing the right way with Google Play.

Summertime should give you plenty of opportunities to sit back and relax. Of course, the world doesn't always want to follow your plans

Google Play Music

It would seem that Google is at long last going to convey Play Music to India. A few clients on Reddit can get to chose tunes from the Play Music index.

Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears is revealing a firmware upgrade to the UE Boom 2 and Megaboom that conveys Google Now and Siri incorporation.

Rumors about a new Amazon music streaming service

The play here, it appears as though, is to make another administration that will make the Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, and Amazon Dot speakers.

TomTom automatic color correction function for diving cameras

TomTom proposed alternative is to automate this process so that it no longer needed further intervention from the user.


All things considered, even the name "Pavlok" infers a pack of mutts salivating in expectation of mealtime.

Ricoh Theta

Ricoh Theta S (and the first Theta) for your 360-degree photography needs.

KFC android pay

KFC has reported that it has begun tolerating portable installment frameworks like Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

set-tops into Chromecasts

Google Cast is the same tech that powers Google’s colorful and handy hockey puck.

Echo’s Alexa lives in your program, so anybody, anyplace can get to it and test their Alexa abilities.

Google Home

Google Home took first place in our poll, snatching up 31.29 percent of the votes. In second place was Google Assistant with a solid 25.33 percent.