The professional video edition goes up, Apple hires expert Tim Dashwood for the Final Cut Pro X team

Tim Dashwood is the author of a series of well-known Final Cut plugins that deal with virtual reality, 3D and the 360 environments.

Tim Dashwood
He now joins Apple and his Final Cut team to provide their expertise in these areas Directly to Final Cut without plugins in between.

The immediate result of this recruitment? Tim Dashwood‘s 360VR plug-in used to create wraparound systems on Oculus Rift becomes totally free with its previous price being about $ 1,000. It is not the only one, several more plugins for FCPX have become free.

The 360 edition and Apple’s professional market

The editing of videos in 360 degrees within the virtual reality is possibly the future of the video. Not that editing a video in 360 degrees is different than editing a normal video.

But we do need some more experience and knowledge to add titles and elements to the video. This is where plugins often come into play to simplify things.

In February of this same year, Apple also contracted the developer Wes Plate of Automatic Duck, another company in charge of developing plugins for Final Cut and the professional market.

His position in the company has become the responsible for designing professional applications.

With the professional sector increasingly demanding and demanding more powerful tools, it is understandable that Apple cares for them and offers not only new Mac Pro for next year but also considerable improvements in their software.

Logic Pro and the Final Cut suite are strong bases and we will surely have news in the coming months.