New features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.0

EaseUS has released a new improved version of its popular file recovery software, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. The new version of the software has improved the utility and added many new features, which come to fill the gaps that have been reported, making A powerful tool for anyone who uses or works frequently with data.

EaseUS is a bet to the technological innovation of tools and we have reviewed the free software of data recovery assistant EaseUS in several sites finding that the improvements are useful and with the plus that they are easy to use. you wonder what do we find again?

  • The preview feature is available for audio and video files. Easily search the visual.
  • Accelerate the scanning process to find lost data more quickly. It is no longer necessary to invest as much time as in previous versions of the software.
  • Recover video files with better quality, goodbye to the loss of quality in the recovered video files
  • Less optimization for interactions.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12 is the most important update until 2018. The last update was in 2017 and now a large number of important features that improve performance have been added.

One of the new and important features is the preview function for audio and video files. Now it is possible to review before recovering each file so that you do not waste your valuable time in useless recoveries, it is easy to check the previous pics and recover exactly what you need Until now, you could only view documents and images, but now the preview function is available for more types of files.

Another new thing that brings EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 12 is the fast scanning process. Now the software scans the deleted files faster and processes the results in advance. Also now the video files can be recovered with better quality, this is great since the videos do not lose any of their sharpness leaving us almost as before being deleted.

But that is not only also now it is possible to feel a clear improvement of the previous characteristics of EaseUS Data Recovery, the company has also optimized the software and its platform facilitates the interaction with the software making it thousands of times more enjoyable.

In addition to the features listed above that we say is innovation, the EaseUS Data Recovery Assistant continues to bring the following features:

  • It allows you to recover data from the ReFS partition.
  • The preview is still available for all types of images.
  • They add Image Recognizer which allows you to intelligently filter the images found by content.
  • You can also recover the video files of the Canon camera (.mov) in a very effective way.
  • A super quality now in the recovery of the deleted files in the NTFS partition.
  • Search folder by name is maintained after scanning, saving you hours in visual searches.
  • You can optimize the user interface to provide better user experiences.
  • Support to preview PPT / PPTX and PDF files before recovery.
  • An improved quality of export/import scan status.
  • Filter the data generated in searches by exact file extensions.
  • You can add the option to recover data from iOS devices.
  • Improve the quality and optimize the interaction with the recovery software to facilitate overall superior performance.
  • Again Korean and Indonesian support.
  • You can recover multiple file types with free EaseUS data recovery. It is compatible with popular formats such as jpg, jpeg, png, tmp, pdf, mp3, mp4, avi, mpeg4, WMA, Word, Excel, audio files, Outlook Express and other popular file formats.

With the help of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for free, you can recover the data very easily. The free version of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows you to recover files of up to 2GB.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard reconstructs lost files, regardless of whether they were deleted accidentally or are inaccessible due to a crashed hard drive, hardware failure or virus infection. If you are having hard drive problems, it’s important to find a safe and reliable Hard drive recovery tool so as to avoid further damage.

You can also buy the Pro version, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 12.0 to have an ally at work super safe, I guarantee every dollar spent will provide relief at work.