New details of the upcoming iPhone before the September 12 keynote

It has been done begging but this week we finally got to know officially what will be the date of the next Apple event. There have been no surprises, and Apple will show us their new products next September 12.

There we will be, at the Apple Park to tell you to live and test the new devices. Although to tell the truth, we already know practically everything necessary for the next iPhone.

A few days after the event arrives, news and phone details continue to filter, partly thanks to the iOS source code, thanks in part to the providers.

  • Idle button to invoke Siri: Since the Home button on the iPhone 8 will disappear, we will need a new format for the actions performed by the button. Apple is expected to switch the invocation of multitasking to an upward gesture from the bottom.But what about other actions like summoning Siri? As reported by AppleInsider, the next iPhone will use the Rest Button to access Siri, you must keep it pressed.
  • A dock similar to the iPad: This is something that nobody expected, but in the next iPhone we may have a dock very similar to the iPad with iOS 11. This means a floating dock to add apps and to access apps like if it were a multitasking. The @_inside developer has shared two videos showing this.

  • A 6.4-inch iPhone … for next year: This year’s iPhone has not been unveiled and we already have rumors of what’s coming next year. As various sources indicate, Apple could be preparing a 6.4-inch iPhone to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note. This is logical, once introduced the new design without frames, it will be time to apply it to all models. We would then have a five-inch model (the size of what is supposed to be presented this year) and a larger model of 6.4 inches.

Stay tuned these days, because less than two weeks to reach the keynote usually filter a lot of data. Who knows, we may have no surprises for the event itself.