Motion Stills: Creating GIFs is simple with the Google app coming to Android now

In Google Play there are plenty of applications for almost everything that we can think of, whether for leisure time, productivity or to communicate with other people.

Even Google itself accustoms to contribute to diverse categories with its own applications beyond those that come pre-installed on our devices.

Even if we look, we can find applications to make GIFs and share it with our contacts through different social networks and chat applications. Now Google has teamed up with its own app, Motion Stills which, curiously, was already finished last year, but was not ready for Android.

This app aimed directly at iOS, and its purpose was to give new features to Live Photos, such as allowing GIFs to be made, stabilizing images or erasing blurred frames. However, Motion Stills now comes to Android with some changes in addition to being able to make our own GIFs.

With a simple touch you can, for example, take short clips of up to three seconds each that you can share, either as a short video (you can join several short clips) or as GIF.

You can also use Fast Forward mode, which allows you to record a video of up to one minute and then can be played on a fast camera, with a maximum speed of 8x.

The technology used by Google also allows the shots with this application to come out more smooth and stable, even if they were originally very unstable.

Now you can use the Mountain View app to make, if you like, GIFs of kittens, puppies.