Mini Game Boy? The legendary laptop returns to the limelight after a new patent from Nintendo

Mini Game Boy? The legendary laptop returns to the limelight after a new patent from Nintendo

Although the SNES Mini takes less than a couple of weeks between us, the most nostalgic players and the passionate ones for the collection take some time fantasizing with the next return Nintendo. In fact, our companion Jarkendia elaborated a list of essential games of Nintendo 64. But what if the next micro-console did not need controls?

Through the Twitter account of the Japanese patent office has discovered a more than interesting record developed by Nintendo in the middle of last month that, despite not having an official name, offers a design especially recognizable and you can see under These lines.

28 years after its launch in Japan, Nintendo once again records the design of the classic Game Boy. A move that does not involve the return of the console, as this patent can also be used in all types of merchandising or articles such as covers for mobile phones or wallets, says Kotaku.

However, what is really interesting is that it is not the first time that we see ourselves in these: the 24 of December of the last year came to the light, in the same way, the register of the control of the SNES, something that would be announced officially six months (and two days) later…..

However, it is also fair to remember that last July also recorded the silhouette of the Nintendo 64 controller. A console that, if produced, would be much more expensive to make than the Mini NES and Mini SNES precisely because of the subject of the controls themselves. The production of a Mini Game Boy would not only be more affordable but would target a wider audience.

As a curiosity added, Nintendo already manufactured two models of Game Boy Mini, but with another name: In 1996 would go on sale the Game Boy Pocket, a reduced version of the original with a better-finished design. On the other hand, the Game Boy Micro, released in 2005, would be a minimalist version of the Game Boy Advance with a tiny size.

The only certainty is that the next console to come back will be the Mini NES this summer and that, according to Reggie, the miniature version of the Brain of the Beast will only be in production during 2017. And the reception of both could not be better: according to Gematsu, the SNES Mini sold 368,913 in its first four days … only in Japan.