You can already know how well it looks and how to apply Fluent Design, the new design powered by Microsoft

Fluent Design

Yesterday already we count as Fluent Design, the new style of Microsoft that will officially arrive with Fall Creators Update to all the users, appeared in a video being used in three models of Lumia (Lumia 650, Lumia 930 and Lumia 950 XL) with an uneven result.

Problems that can be logical, because it is a product still in development phase

In addition, these are problems that can not hide the good work that Redmond has done in implementing this new aesthetic. A new design that can already be proved thanks in the first person.

In this way and even if you are not part of the Insider Program, you will see in the first person how Fluent Design looks on some websites.

To do this, simply access the website created by Microsoft in which we can know what is the method to make a website look like Fluent Design.

A link to a series of tips and tutorials on the use of Fluent Desing and what is the result obtained when used on some websites. A design that is based on five improvements relative to aspects such as Depth, Movement, Scale, Material, and Light.

In this way with these tools, developers and designers can know what are the functions and improvements provided by the different components that work in Fluent Design before they are applied to the application or web page.