Microsoft Surface Phone News: Would The 2-In-1 PC Be The iPhone Killer?

Surface Phone

Smartphones that morph into tablets are being developed by major device makers such as the speculated upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, rumored to be use AMOLED screens.

More details are apparently available for the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone after a report came out last week that the company got a patent for a foldable phone-tablet that morphs like an origami.

Flexible Axis Display

Latin Post reports that Microsoft is developing a high-end Surface Phone which uses a flexible axis display that transforms the gadget into a tablet.

BGR writes that Microsoft was granted the patent on Jan. 10 which it filed in October 2014.

Kabir Siddiqui is listed as the inventor of the upcoming Surface Phone. He has previously protected the Surface kickstand and camera angle.

To help future owners of the upcoming Surface Phone, illustrations from Microsoft included in the patent application demonstrate the ease in switching from tablet to smartphone mode and vice-versa.

What makes it possible is the screen could be placed on the gadget’s exterior, allowing the tablet to be used as a smartphone in compact form, but when unfolded would become a tablet, University Herald explains.

Speculations state that Microsoft would roll out the Surface Phone in 2017.

The leaks about the upcoming device come from the patent filed on the design of the 2-in-1 PC that is speculated could be an iPhone killer.

But the concepts on the patent could likely be just providing some insights on how Microsoft would design the Surface Phone after the firm retreated from smartphones in 2016.

Besides the Samsung Galaxy S8, there are also reports that another South Korean electronics giant, LG, is considering also giving its upcoming smartphones foldable screen treatment.

However, there is also the possibility the 2-in-1 phone may just remain a patent and would not move from the blueprint stage into production, similar to other approved patents of Microsoft.


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