Microsoft Surface Book 2: Pure notebook planned at a lower price

Microsoft SurfaceBook 2

It will be cheaper, the Surface Book 2 from Microsoft. The latest rumors from Asia.

Microsoft SurfaceBook 2
Instead of a 2-in1, it should be a pure notebook, which would also be the reason for the lower price.

With the Surface Book, Microsoft Expands Surface Series two years ago, while an exclamation point set with this high-quality 2-in-1. Last year, there was not just a brand new model, but with the Surface Book i7 operational one facelift and improved at several points to, or updated the device.

Now there first rumors that Microsoft could send into the race soon a completely new Surface Book. We would then not do it with a hybrid, in which you can solve the display of the keyboard, but instead a very classic notebook clamshell design.

Consider this rumor but please still a great deal of skepticism, because it comes from Taiwan from DigiTimes, which – as always – rely on their good relationships with suppliers and this information will have picked up there (and in the past, sometimes even have difficulty located next with their announcements).

But you should be this time properly, then we expect the Surface Book is not just another form factor, but also a different price.

The fact that the elaborate construction fell away, with her tablet separates -part from the keyboard, Microsoft would be able to offer the device significantly cheaper.

We are talking about the fact that the Surface Book 2 – also an absolute high-end device – would then have been from around 1 000 dollars, while it starts at the “old” Surface Book only in the region 1 500 dollars. But you would a notebook obtained, which puts on a magnesium-aluminum alloy and again has a screen size of 13.5 inches.

Through this award, we want on the one hand make the notebook naturally attractive because as they say, the Surface Book is a very strong laptop, but just one that was just purchased by a niche audience was indeed.

On the other hand, no one wants to also make themselves competition because the Surface Pro has already its own 2-in-1 can establish, which can also come up with very strong features.

Could According to the DigiTimes about 500,000 units of the Surface Book settle, so believe the Taiwanese that Microsoft this number can triple with the new version to 1.5 million units this year.

Are the rumors, then we should either end of March, or get in April then this new Surface Book 2 presented. Since it anyway is speculation that the company from Redmond has to present something new on April 11 that would even fit.

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