Microsoft has reason to celebrate, but not to many

On this end of January, Microsoft is the latest company published last fiscal quarter financial results and the situation is not very optimistic reflected.

The people at Microsoft working in many fields, but apparently not all are profitable in the long term. Entry into the hardware was an inspired decision a few years ago, but will take many years until the Redmond giant’s presence in this market will be sufficiently strong waves.

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Launch was favorable for Microsoft Surface product family with an increase in revenue of 29%, 1,35 billion instead of 1.1 billion. Regarding the sale of handsets, a decrease of 49% is a clear indication that the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 launch XL was not well taken by the general public. Overall, Personal Computing Division Awards, responsible for mobile and Surface systems declined 5 percent.

Quarter which includes the Christmas period was disappointing for Microsoft when it comes to profits made by the entire company. Compared to the previous quarter, led by Satya Nadella giant had sales of $ 23.8 billion, down from 26.5 billion in profit decrease reflected only 5 billion, down 0.8 billion.

Sales on the server Azure services increased by 140%, and the entire division cloud the company has enjoyed a plus 5 percent. Adoption Office 365 increased by 70% over the same period in 2014, reaching a total of 20.6 million subscribers.

The number of Xbox Live subscribers increased by 30%, reaching 48 million people who log in at least once a month on the company’s consoles. Skype mobile application has been downloaded 900 million times per iDevice sites and Android and Mobile Office applications for 340 million.

Chriss Stephens
Editor in Chief at Chriss is a Blogger with focus on latest hardware and all operating systems, but especially on Windows