Microsoft closes critical security holes of the Flash Player on Windows

Flash Player windows 10Microsoft has dropped the patch day in February, although some critical security gaps should be closed, which were already known. Now the company has to deliver individually and starts with the Flash Player.

Microsoft provided updates for the Flash Player More than a week ago new updates for Windows 10 should be released as part of the February patch days 2017.

By a massive error, Microsoft has canceled the complete Patchday but will make up for it in March.

The only problem was that some security gaps, which were already known, should have been closed in February.

Now, Microsoft decided to manually update some updates to fix the problems. If you start your PC with Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 today and check for updates, the new versions are displayed.

Under Windows 10, the installation is performed completely automatically and in the background.

So you only get something with it, if you download the PC and in the course of new updates.

But it should not have been. We are currently assuming that Microsoft will close additional gaps with additional updates before the next patch day is due in March. The safety gaps are also known and could be exploited.

The reason for problems remains unclear

Microsoft has not said so far, why exactly the patch day in February failed. It is clear that the updates had led to problems.

Therefore, it was decided not to carry out the distribution. Since the updates are automatically imported into Windows 10, this step was absolutely comprehensible.

Nevertheless, it would be important to keep the users up to date on the reasons.

As Microsoft, however, falls as often into the silence mode and just wait until the grass is over the thing is grown.

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