Microsoft wants to end cheaters in our games and implement an anti-cheating system

Microsoft wants to end cheaters in our games and implement an anti-cheating system

Is there anything that annoys more than meeting a cheater in a game in our favorite game? Surely if you are fond of online games you have ever suffered an incident of this type with some user. A fact that apart from annoying too much, creates a bad environment in the community that ultimately results in the game and the platform in which it is used.

That’s why companies try to stop cheaters. To avoid that these play dirty causing a damage that can finally have an economic impact on the company that owns the affected title. And one of the latest moves to crack down on cheats has come at Microsoft.

And it’s all thanks to the latest great update: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. An update in which almost without giving us account has introduced a system called TruePlay. And how you can intuit, its name already makes clear to us what is this silent improvement that is not seen but that is there to end the traps

TruePlay seeks to help developers to deal with cheats for which the functionality runs in the background without us noticing. This starts when we start to play a game in a way that monitors everything that happens during the same in real time.

Looking to end the cheating

They have us in control, or at least what we do during the game and everything that happens during it. In this way, if you detect some behavior that may lead you to think that some kind of cheating is being carried out (cheating or misuse) the title developer is notified.

For now, to be able to use this functionality, we must use some of the titles that have support for it. A catalog that is expected to expand gradually and currently is part of games such as Forza Motorsport 7 or Gears Of War 4.

In addition, for the more suspicious who do not want to monitor their activity, or simply for the trick of the turn, TruePlay can be disabled but that, forget to play any of the titles that use it, it will be impossible.