Mass Effect Andromeda: The animators are important to the developers


In the last days, Mass Effect Andromeda is all about the animations of the characters.


Many players who have played the trial find that the facial features are sometimes worse than in the first Mass Effect. Now the developers have spoken for the first time and respond to the feedback.

Mass Effect Andromeda could throw the next big throw of BioWare and Electronic Arts.

Many players have long been waiting for a continuation of the rolling game. Now there was the first trial phase via EA and Origin Access to play.

But the fans have a rather sober tone. Many claims that the animations of the characters of Mass Effect Andromeda have catastrophic proportions.

This starts already with the facial features, which according to some users occasionally completely slip away and lead to involuntarily funny moments in the dialogues.

Currently, it is known that the trial phase of Mass Effect Andromeda already contained the Day One patch.

There will be no improvement to the launch. But the developers look at the problems.

So Michael Gamble, producer of Mass Effect Andromeda, revealed on his Twitter profile that these problems are really important to the developers.

He can currently make no promises or official announcements. However, one will respond to the fans’ feedback and look at how to counteract the problems.

The end of the game will be on March 23, when Mass Effect Andromeda is officially released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 in Europe.