This is the look that could have had the Lumia 960, a phone that stayed forever with the prototype seal

Unfortunately for all users in general, Microsoft decided to give a ticket to the Lumia label.

Lumia 960

And is that leaving aside if you are a supporter of one system or another, it is always sad to see how alternatives disappear in the market ( the last to join the cast in black has been Holder ).

And is that Lumia, the Lumia brand, offered mainly large terminals. More interesting phones that besides, in these moments of a total absence of alternatives in Windows 10 Mobile would have come from pearls to a market lacking in novelties.

We will not know if they would have been the solution but badly had not come and that seems that from Redmond do not give your arm to twist.

The fact is that the Lumia 950 that we all know had a successor, or rather, was about to have it. And that is what the photos of the supposed Lumia 960 show, an evolution of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL that in the end was in a development phase.

A terminal in which they were working from Redmond and that was known by the code name of Northstar. A device from which we can see some images filtered thanks to Nokia bar, which will appreciate some aspects of a phone that stagnated in the prototype phase.

So we can appreciate the front placement of the two speakers at the top and bottom of a screen that would arrive with a resolution QHD and under which we would find a hardware commanded by a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

A phone that would abandon the plastic of other models to Opt for an aluminum cover more in line with other high-end models of the era.

A model that stayed in the drawer of the I want and I can not and that surely more than one would have liked to see come true.

  1. johnathon 2 years ago

    That thing is fucking sexy, god damn it Microsoft. Why wasn’t this released?

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