Look away now! 10 truly terrible iPhone cases

10 truly terrible iPhone cases

Terrible iPhone cases

If you want to know if Apple design guru Jony Ive took some time off this summer, joked one Twitter user, then simply have a look at Apple’s new iPhone battery case.

It is by some distance one of the ugliest products Apple’s released in some time. The unsightly bulge, the massive bezel effect… what has happened to the company that is usually the gold standard in design?

But Apple are by no means the worst offenders. Here’s ten other mad, bonkers and hideous iPhone cases.

The Gun

Terrible iPhone cases

The Metro called this “the worst idea anyone’s ever had”, and we’re inclined to agree. The iPhone 6 case looks like a handgun, and when your phone is in your pocket, the handle and trigger poke out, as if to make it look like you have a gun.

Even the cops agree, as New York’s 112th Precinct tweeted that they would “NOT suggest purchasing this cell phone case”.

Really, if you’re stupid enough to have this case and end up in trouble as a suspected murderer, it’s your own fault.

The Lobster

Terrible iPhone cases

Not the most practical of cases, the lobster case was apparently inspired by surrealist artist Salvador Dali. According to Incredible Things, in 1942 Dali remarked “I do not understand why, when I ask for a grilled lobster in a restaurant, I am never served a cooked telephone.”

See, all you have to do is paint some melted clocks and decades later people will think your sub-Noel Fielding nonsense is worthy of commemoration in a case for something that hasn’t been invented yet.

The Ugly Face

Terrible iPhone cases

Say what you will about this case, but it probably stands quite a chance of putting anyone off of stealing your phone. If this is how you choose to identify your device to the outside world, imagine what horrors await once you unlock the home screen?

Sadly it is unclear who the person pictured actually is… but it is safe to say that we probably wouldn’t want to get too close to him.

The Booty Call

Terrible iPhone cases

Imagine being an important business executive, in an important business meeting, where important business is to be discussed. Just as you’re getting to the part where you breakdown the crucial Q3 sales figures to the board your phone rings… and you pull out your iPhone “booty call” case.

The board would probably think that you’re a “total legend”, and invite you to take drugs with them, if The Wolf of Wall Street has taught us anything.

The Rhinestone

Terrible iPhone cases

For years, the ‘luxury’ industry has been trying to convince us that by covering normal stuff in jewels, it suddenly becomes many magnitudes classier. But we’re not really seeing it, to be honest.

Check out the Rhinestone case from Wanelo, which while it looks like it didn’t hit every branch when falling from the ugly tree, certainly crystalised deep in the ugly cage.

The PhoneBalls

Terrible iPhone cases

Now you can own your piece of American trucker culture – even if the closest thing you have to an 18-wheeler is a Nissan Micra. That’s right – move over trucknuts… now you can get… Phoneballs.

If fairness, the makers are donating 10% of the profits to Testicular Cancer Research so at least you’ll be mortgaging your dignity for a worthy cause.

The Banana Phone

Terrible iPhone cases

Now you can re-live one the earliest internet memes in phone case form, as you can actually turn your iPhone into a banana phone. If you want to be really meta, why not play the video on the phone while in the case?

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucvTyKxiurA

The Ear

Terrible iPhone cases

Tired of your phone obscuring your ear? Well you’re in luck, you weirdo. Now you can get an ear-shaped case for your phone.

It’ll provide the perfect disguise, if you’re actually a giant.

The SnifflePig

Terrible iPhone cases

This almost – almost – seems like a good idea. SniffiePig will hold your phone and give you somewhere to hang your headphones when you’re not using them.

Made of silicone and with a massive bulge at the back, it’ll ensure that you’ll never be able to lie your iPhone flat ever again.

The Trump

Terrible iPhone cases

If you’re wondering what the worst iPhone case is. This is it. Not just in terms of design, of the appearance of the person featured (though both are pretty hideous), but because of what it represents.

Not only does it suggest that you want Donald Trump to win the Presidency, but it suggests that so enthusiastic are you about such a prospect that you want Trump’s face on your phone.

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