LG G6: LG has officially released the LG G6 Plus version

LG Electronics has unveiled a new version of the LG G6 range, delivering more storage and color options.

The new LG G6 Plus comes packaged with a Bang & Olufsen headset and introduces Optical Marine Blue, Optical Terra Gold and Optical Black color options.

The LG G6 Plus features a new reflective finish applied to the back cover, which changes the appearance in light of ambient lighting.

At the same time, a new firmware (also available for the LG G6 standard model) has been released, allowing the screen to be unlocked using facial recognition, simply lifting the phone and turning the screen to the front.

Another feature called Low Power Consumption takes advantage of the Qualcomm chipset features to make it possible to save extra energy, increasing the amount of time it takes to use each battery charge.

The parameters provided by the phone’s sensors, the location, and the user’s movements are taken into account, optimizing the device’s operation to get the lowest possible power consumption.

Also with software, fine tuning for audio tone, or automatic call recording function that can be activated for a phone number of your choice, has been added.

On the hardware side, the LG G6 + doubles the internal memory to 128GB and brings the Qi wireless charging function, but keeps unchanged the amount of 4GB of RAM.

Unfortunately, the price and availability of the new model have not been confirmed yet.

Alex Edwards
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