LG G5 announcement may be behind this MWC 2016 invite

All of the LG G5 rumors so far point to an earlier-than-normal release date, and the company’s MWC 2016 invite is certainly backing up this theory.

LG sent us a vague invite today, inviting members of the media to an event on February 21. It simply states, “Play Begins” with a mysterious music box in the background.

There’s no official confirmation that LG G5 is going to be announced in Barcelona next month, but last year, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 did get a jumpstart of LG G4‘s April launch.

There’s also no telling what the music box or “Play Begins” means either. We’re hoping for a more music-friendly LG flagship with front-facing speakers, sort of like what’s rumored for iPhone 7.