This video concept of the iPhone X Plus shows us its gigantic size in the purest style of Apple

iPhone X Plus
In just 40 seconds, the designer Lee Gunho shows in a video his idea of the rumored iPhone X Plus.

A giant iPhone that follows the trail of his younger brother by increasing the screen to unsuspected limits. Perfect for anyone who has expected to have a huge iPhone.

Plus screen, golden color, and double SIM

It is not too difficult to imagine a bigger iPhone X. But this video shows a device that looks very large.

We have been listening for a few months that Apple plans to take out several larger terminals with the shape of the iPhone X and this could be one of them.

Besides the size, in this concept of iPhone X Plus, we see the golden color appear for the first time.

Currently, the iPhone X is only marketed in white and space gray, which is strange because the iPhone 8 has these two colors in addition to gold.

A 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, gold color, and dual SIM is the concept devised in this new video

As an added and we understand that thanks to the extra space of an iPhone X Plus, Gunho has decided to incorporate a double SIM tray.

Apple has never launched an iPhone with dual SIM, however, it is a feature present in Android models that are in high demand in Asia.

So far, rumors suggest that we will see several iPhone with the “format” without just frames of the iPhone X, but in different sizes.

Apple would renew the current model of 5.8 inches and two new models would appear: a 6.1-inch and more affordable LCD screen and another 6.5 inches more expensive, like the one shown in the video.