Do not get used to the ‘notch’ of the iPhone X? These applications and this website are for you

You may have taken the step and spent your savings on that brand new iPhone X. You’re very happy with it, you presume to have the future of the iPhone in your hands … but you do not finish adapting to the ‘notch’ of the part top of your screen.

It’s more: you can not stand it and you look with puppy eyes at the perfectly square screen of the LG V30 and other similar terminals. Personally, I am of the opinion that you have to get used to what you buy so as not to get involved with modifications, but that is just my opinion.

And I have good news: you are not alone. There are already those who have worked on tools so that you forget that ‘notch’ during the day today.

The first one is Notcho, an application that modifies the wallpapers you want to add a black bar. The result is that the ‘notch’ of the iPhone X is disguised, at least on the screen lock and the main where you see the icons.

You can download the application for free in the App Store. Another application alternative that does exactly the same: Notch Remover for 1.09 euros.

If you want to save having a more application installed on your phone, an alternative is a Notchless website. In it, you have a small but attractive collection of wallpapers adapted for the iPhone X and with a black bar at the top to hide the ‘notch’.

Depends on how the consumer feedback goes, the so-called ‘notch’ can be something transient and experimental used in the iPhone X … or it can be the beginning of a saga of devices in which that peninsula is going to be omnipresent.

Surely Apple is already looking at how to design the next generation of the iPhone.