The iPhone X with 6.1-inch LCD screen will boost Apple’s sales

The iPhone X with 6.1-inch LCD screen will boost Apple's sales

The iPhone X with 6.1-inch LCD screen will boost Apple's sales
Sales of the iPhone X have disrupted Apple’s plans. Although at the level of expected results the company will comply with the just, the truth is that it has to look to the immediate future.

That future passes through the new generation of the iPhone X of 2018, but more specifically by the iPhone x with the 6.1-inch LCD screen. This model is positioned as the cornerstone of the signature of the bitten apple facing the last stretch of the year.

Much more was expected of the iPhone X, but sales have not responded to Apple’s expectations. The truth is that behind the impending debacle of the first iPhone with OLED screen there are compelling reasons to have predicted it before.

In this sense, the Chinese market has had great repercussion at the global level and results of the North American firm. The analysts of KGI Securities, with Ming-Chi Kuo in the lead, specify the key factors in their last report published by their investors.

Sales of the iPhone X, in the eye of the hurricane

KGI Securities once again affects the sales forecasts of the iPhone X during the next two quarters of 2018.

With 2017 already settled, the most valuable information for investors hovers around the role that the iPhone will perform with the OLED display during Q1 and Q2 of 2018.

As collected from 9to5Mac, Ming-Chi Kuo is sharp about it and recalculates downward the projection of the new model. According to the calculations of this one, the sales of the iPhone X will move around the 18 million units from January to March when the most optimistic forecasts spoke of up to 30 million.

During the second quarter, from April to June, they encrypt some 13 million units of the iPhone X, also below the 15 to 20 million expected.

End of the iPhone X cycle by mid-2018

Always according to the statistics of KGI, the poor results harvested by the iPhone X, which is expected up to 63 million units sold until the middle of the year, will precipitate its end.

And is that the anniversary model expected more cheerful sales, up to 80 million. For that reason, Apple could accelerate its plans for the release of new models to redirect its situation in the international market.

The factors that have affected the sales of the iPhone X

Undoubtedly, and although the biggest impediment on a global level has been the high price, the Chinese market has been key to the iPhone X has not set. According to Kuo’s opinion, the smartphone renewal cycle has changed for users, it has lengthened. That together with the lack of innovation has hurt Apple.

However, the crucial factor has been the design of the iPhone X screen and its lack of optimization in popular apps in China.

The fact that the software does not take full advantage of the dimensions of the OLED display, mainly the upper part in which the notch that accommodates Face ID’s true deep sensors is, has pushed back many Asian users.

The iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD screen will hit the key

And in this market, the likes of the phablet make the models with larger screens more attractive. So, if the iPhone X does not exploit its full potential due to lack of software optimization, the Chinese opt for an iPhone with a 5.5-inch screen, which is cheaper.

This is where the future iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD screen will become Apple’s talisman in China. This model would fit in the Asian market as it will further increase the size of the panel, in addition to predictably becoming a model infinitely cheaper than the iPhone X. It is expected that its cost oscillates between 650 and 750 dollars.

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