The iPhone X demand is “tremendous” and is “sky high”

iphone x

The fact that the demand for the iPhone X is being positive should not surprise anyone. It was evident that there were many users waiting for the arrival of the iPhone X to renew terminal or buy their first iPhone, bypassing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

We are not going to have concrete data about how many units have been sold in the first days of booking, a practice that Apple abandoned with the iPhone 6s in 2015. But we do have some clues that predict a bright future for Apple’s new device.

Delivery dates, Rogers and Apple

First, we have the evolution of the iPhone X demand the day of the opening of reservations. Approximately one hour after starting, orders were delivered in 5-6 weeks. This can be read in two ways: there was a high demand or Apple has been unable to manufacture the iPhone X in sufficient quantities.

A skeptic would opt for the second option, arguing that restricting the initial stock will give the sensation of the desired object, spurring the resale of a smartphone that exceeds 1,000 euros.

However, an executive of Rogers, the largest operator in Canada, said the following a few days ago:

We are seeing the tremendous enthusiasm for the iPhone X with very powerful reserves. We are also seeing a good demand for the iPhone X. We hope that both will be very popular with our customers ahead of the Christmas campaign, with the iPhone 8 being an important contributor.

This is the same company that said a few days ago that the demand for the iPhone 8 was anemic compared to the iPhone 7 the previous year. A point that many came to interpret as the iPhone 7 was selling better than the iPhone 8 now and not compared to last year, which was a mistake. What is possible is that the iPhone 8 Plus is selling better than the iPhone 8 due to the qualities of its camera.

The last argument in favor of a healthy demand for the iPhone X was given to us by Apple also a few days ago. The company stated that:

We are excited to start with the iPhone X reservations, the future of the smartphone. We can see from the initial response that the demand from customers is skyrocketing.

As if this were not enough, CNBC reported that several Apple suppliers raised their exchange rate on Monday as a result of these statements.

Good demand for the iPhone X but without concrete data

Despite this, we do not know how many units have been sold of iPhone X. Nor will we know, since Apple has never disclosed sales by model. Tonight is Apple’s third-quarter shareholders’ conference, the last fiscal quarter that closes 2017. Here we will not see data to cling to either, but we could receive even more clues:

  • The iPhone 8 began to be sold at the end of the quarter and we should expect flat sales year after year due to the delay of the iPhone X.
  • The average selling price of the iPhone should fall as a consequence.
  • Apple will give guidance for next quarter’s results.

This last point is the one that should give us a much clearer clue about the performance of the iPhone X in the market. Its high selling price coupled with high demand should push Apple’s results for the quarter. Although to make us a much more specific idea we must wait until January next year, where Apple will have no escape.

To have specific data we will still have to wait until January, but the signs are positive

The results of the first quarter of its 2018 fiscal year will already include the iPhone X for two months, so we should see significant growth in at least the average sale price. The magical financial variable that gives us a lot of information about the progress of the iPhone. As always, we will have to wait to have more information about it even though the signs are positive.

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