iPad Air 3 may come with speakers like an iPad Pro

The wait for a new iPad Air continues, with the last iteration now almost a year and a half old – but rumours are beginning to heat up, and we may see a new version soon.

A new report suggests the iPad Air 3 is set to come with four speakers, much like the iPad Pro, to make watching movies and TV a better experience. The iPad Air 2 came with two speakers, while the four-way setup on the iPad Pro is particularly impressive.

Blowing up the speakers

The report also suggests the camera will remain as an 8MP shooter on the back, but with the addition of a LED flash for better shots in the dark.

Tablet camera improvements aren’t exactly headline material, but the iPad Air 2 is so close to perfection that Apple had to change something to improve it.

All this information comes from a leaked schematic on the French blog Nowhereelse. The source has a bit of a rocky record with Apple products, but did manage to predict the iPad Pro (albeit under the title of the iPad Air Plus), so we’re leaning toward trusting the information.

As for when the iPad Air 3 may be hitting shelves, previous rumours suggest the Air 3 will come in the first half of 2016, and there are murmurs of an iPhone 5SE event coming in March – could we see it there?

VIA: TechRadar

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