Huawei reduces the distance with Apple to less than 8 million phones per quarter

Huawei reduces the distance with Apple to less than 8 million phones per quarter

Huawei reduces the distance with Apple to less than 8 million phones per quarterWe are in the middle of the quarter closing. Or rather, in full period of communication of figures as the quarter ended as soon as the year closed the door leaving behind September. The different manufacturers are still announcing their numbers to the hype and saucer, especially those that break records like Samsung, or those that grow in China like Apple. And the time for global photography also comes.

To do this we have IDC, the consultant that is visited every quarter to check how the market is. It is important to review the quotas of the main manufacturers, their promotions or descents, and how the closure of a year is going to be proposed, which already has less than two months left. A quick note: Samsung is still leading and Apple is watching how Huawei cuts the distance.

Two percentage points of distance

That’s the way things are right now between Huawei and Apple. The Chinese manufacturer has expressed not a few times its desire to get to outperform Apple, and even Samsung, before the year 2020 comes to an end. It still has something more than three years to achieve it but they have already gotten to work and little by little they are cutting distances with their immediate superior: Apple.

At the moment we have Samsung at the top of the mobile market, Koreans have sold 83.3 million phones in the last three months, growing by 9.5% compared to the same quarter of the previous year that, we remember, suffered from Storms of Note 7, which ended up ruining the company’s profits. Something of which they have now recovered in a remarkable way.

Although the most interesting war is the one we see between the second and third place. Apple continues in second place with a 12.5% global share in this quarter, and with a slight growth, but growth, of 2.6% compared to 2016. Huawei, meanwhile, has grown by 16.1% and with a 10.5% share is two percentage points away from Cupertino.

39.1 million phones versus 46.7 million phones. Huawei vs. Apple in the quarter in which the iPhone 8 is already in circulation, as well as its bigger brother, the iPhone 8 Plus, and in which a slowdown in sales has been detected in Apple due, more than possible, to that many users have saved their cravings and savings for the iPhone X that is now on sale.

The fourth quarter, with the iPhone X at full capacity, will mark the real distance between both manufacturers

We will have to see how the quota of both manufacturers develops in the coming months, when the iPhone X has already entered the game and when the Huawei Mate 10 is performing as expected. The quarter of the Christmas campaign, let’s not forget it, and one of the most powerful in sales of the whole year. It will undoubtedly be a battle worthy to be followed closely.

Meanwhile, in the closing of the new Top 5 that is configured in this third quarter of 2017, Oppo remains in fourth place with 30.7 million phones sold and 8.2% share while Xiaomi remains in fifth place with 27, 6 million units and a 7.4% share. But watch out for Xiaomi who recently broke a record by placing 10 million phones in a single month. Will he manage to hunt down Oppo? A thrilling year-end is coming

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