Facebook and Paypal are allied to not stay out in the boom of payments between users via applications

This is the case for messaging apps, with Messaging on Apple or WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on the cross-platform market.

MediaPad M3 Lite

Today the Chinese manufacturer has announced the arrival of Huawei Mediapad T3 tablets and the Huawei Mediapad M3 10 Lite.

Huawei P10

Supposedly, each Huawei P10 contains different components. Is that correct? Huawei has now replied. A few days ago rumors circulated ...


I'm not a man who wears watches, and I've never been optimistic about this market.

Huawei Y5 2017

As we said, the Huawei Y5 2017 improves some points compared to the previous model, but the screen is not ...

Honor 6X Pro

With the Honor 6X Pro Kit, a premium version of the previous Honor 6X was introduced as part of the ...

TEST / Huawei P8 Lite (2017), the good surprise of Huawei

In August 2015, Huawei's factories left a small unpretentious smartphone that would make a big noise: the Huawei P8 Lite

Android device updates: Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 lands Nougat

The Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 is probably the best Android tablet you can get right at this time, and now ...

Apple is ahead of Samsung

Apple surpassed Samsung in the 4th quarter of 2016 and was ranked the largest worldwide supplier of top smartphones

Huawei P10

The latest rumored the next flagship Armada is presented to the public around the Huawei P10 in April.

Android Wear Huawei

In a past report, it was definite that Huawei was not meaning to dispatch an Android Wear smartwatch at whatever ...

Nexus Huawei flagship

Despite the fact that current Nexus handsets like the 6P and 5X will even now most likely be the first ...

Galaxy S7 edge

As per Strategy Analytics, the Galaxy S7 edge finished shipment outlines with 13.3 million units. The Galaxy S7 was third ...

Huawei has announced that its P9 and P9 Plus smartphone have seen shipments of 2.6 million units in their first ...

It’s conceivable that Huawei’s Munilall is discussing an overhauled adaptation of the Nexus 6P

The new Huawei P9 is finally landed at iFixit and dusty emphasizes this solid rating in terms of repairability from.