htc u11

HTC calls collectively the most affectionate users of the Elevate community, to make good publicity to the HTC U11

U Ultra

HTC finally embellishes the HTC U Ultra with a sapphire crystal screen.

HTC Desire 650

HTC Desire 650 smartphone is next from the HTC Desire category, announced that it will launch with more than decent performance and hope lowest possible price.

HTC’s First Android Wear Smartwatch ‘Halfbeak’ Leaks In Images

Until now, there is no detail regarding the launch timeline for HTC Halfbeak, but we can expect the smartwatch to be unveiled at the MWC 2017

Google Pixel XL Teardown

Any other thrilling observe? The Pixel XL became manufactured by way of HTC, however, Google officers say the layout is all Google, all the manner…

Google Pixel

Google is required to present a 5-inch cell phone called the Pixel and a 5.5-inch phone called the Pixel XL.

HTC 10

HTC is now accepting preorders of both the red and gold variants of the HTC 10 in the U.S.

HTC 10

On the off chance that you have an opened HTC 10 in North America you ought to wake up to a firmware upgrade at the beginning of today.

To say that HTC has taken its time before making any sort of move in wearables is an understatement.