HTC: no HTC 11 but a sapphire for the HTC U Ultra

U Ultra

HTC finally embellishes the HTC U Ultra with a sapphire crystal screen. For the rest, it is still the same philter of 5.7 ” running Android 7.0 Nougat.

U Ultra
Those waiting for the announcement of an HTC 11 will be able to iron.

Nintendo had released a crystal jade version of its Pokémon game, HTC presents a crystal version of sapphire its HTC U Ultra.

The event of March 20 of the Taiwanese manufacturer, which gave hope to the presentation of a successor to the HTC 10, finally gave birth to a mouse.

On the program, a sapphire crystal coating to protect the screen of the already known HTC U Ultra announced in January 2017.

This material is more shock-resistant than glass and therefore more difficult to scratch.

Note that it can bring a greater tactile delay: the Vertu Constellation-X reached 141 ms, a top for a high-end smartphone.

The sapphire crystal also protects the second series of the Apple Watch.

The HTC U Ultra Crystal Sapphire is available for now only in the Taiwanese market.

This version also differs from the classic model by an internal memory of 128 GB and 4 new colors. The price also benefits to flame a hundred euros, reaching 28 900 Taiwanese dollars, ie 880 € HT.

Not sure that this is enough to boost sales of HTC, which lost 110 million euros in the last quarter of 2016.

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