Confirmed, the HomePod will be compatible with third-party apps through Sirikit

Confirmed, the HomePod will be compatible with third-party apps through Sirikit

Confirmed, the HomePod will be compatible with third-party apps through Sirikit

Yesterday, Apple released the first beta of iOS 11.2 for developers. This beta is focused on the iPhone and the iPad, but the version for HomePod has also been leaked (remember that it works with a layered iOS). In addition to the beta has confirmed some rumors about it, Apple has announced to developers that Sirikit will be included in the HomePod.

What does it mean that Sirikit is included in the HomePod? It means that developers can adapt their apps so we can interact with them through Siri from HomePod. During his presentation, Apple only talked about his own apps, but presumably, sooner or later it would open up to third parties. In the developer portal Apple says the following:

iOS 11.2 introduces Sirikit for HomePod, the powerful speaker that sounds amazing, fits anywhere and provides instant access to Apple Music. HomePod is also a useful home assistant for daily questions and tasks. With Siri’s intelligence, users control HomePod through the natural interaction of the voice. And with Sirikit, users can access iOS applications for messaging, lists and notes. Make sure your integration with Sirikit is up to date and try the voice-only experience of your application today.

Siri recognizes the Sirikit requests made in the HomePod and sends them to the user’s iOS device for processing

The latter is curious, it means that the HomePod will depend on a nearby iPhone or iPad to process the Sirikit functions. It is not completely independent like Alexa. Why?

Possibly because it does not have enough power to process the data obtained, not to send them to an external server and work with them locally, Apple prefers to send them to an iPad or iPhone powerful enough to process them.

One aspect that continues to intrigue me is that of user management in the HomePod. In principle, it is a loudspeaker used by the whole family or the members of a household, so it does not make sense that it is linked only to an iCloud user account. If we ask you to add a reminder, in the account of who will do it?

Probably in the account linked to HomePod, but ideally it would recognize several accounts and distinguish them by voice, a distinction that is currently capable of doing.

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