The Google search bar would be customizable in the next version

The launch of Pixel 2 is getting closer, there is only one week left for us to know. But, as happened last year, this pair of smartphones will not come alone but will be well accompanied by other hardware elements and features for software (whether or not exclusive of new Google mobile).

However, there are some subtle things that at first can go unnoticed, such as allowing customization of some elements.

That’s what it looks like Google is working on the search bar that is usually shown by default on our phones, and there is a video (which we leave below) that shows how it would look.

Ten days ago, the boys of 9to5Google (link left below, after the way) decompiled the latest version of the Google application, and found things like that could use the ‘Active Edge’ mode that presumably will bring the Pixel 2, but what went unnoticed was that the search bar could be customized to suit the user.

One of the aspects that can be customized is to be able to choose the reduced version of the logo (only shown G) that have new mobile phones such as Galaxy S8 or Moto X4 or stick with the one with the most.

Another aspect is that, if you choose to keep the full bar, you can choose to have square or rounded corners.

You could also choose the color that would have the bar through two sliders that would give you an infinity of options to choose. Finally, you could also configure the degree of transparency to fit better with your tastes.

While this is something that today is in the code of the Google app, there are no guarantees that this will come to light in the application, so better not to be disappointed if we run out of these elements of customization.

Chriss Stephens
Editor in Chief at Chriss is a Blogger with focus on latest hardware and all operating systems, but especially on Windows