Google Play

New malware on Google Play: its name is Xavier and is in more than 800 free applications

Android security, over the years, has been challenged by the sheer number of attacks it has been victimized and the ...

Google on iOS

Google for iOS is the alternative to Safari that offers the search engine company, now, has been updated

Google Home Assistant

The Google Home Assistant is apparently used by Google to play unsolicited commercials from "partners".

Android Auto App

It’s the identical expertise in case you plug to your device through a cable for the previous version of Android ...

Android Wear

Close by the deferral, Google has distributed the third Developer Preview for Android Wear 2.0, downloadable right now for any ...


Concerning whatever is left of us without a BlackBerry phone, you likely still don't have to stress yourself over Quadrooter.


With Quadrooter, a programmer could infuse an application with malware, by one means or another attempt and trap your good ...

Google Play Store

These will incorporate application sizes, notwithstanding APK downloads. It would appear that Google is bringing the right way with Google ...


Facebook, in reality, is about uniting the world. In any case, that is to fill its more prominent need.

Google Play

It's hazy when Google may execute the new model, yet the report notes that Google has as of now been ...