Google Maps

Windows Maps

Google Maps is one of the applications, whether in the web version, as specific, most used. But it is not the only alternative and Apple Maps or Windows Maps

Path Guide: the Microsoft application that helps you orient yourself indoors

Path Guide is an indoor location application that allows you to set up a route and share it with an acquaintance or audience.

As always, it remains to be seen when these improvements will arrive in Apple Maps to Europe and Latin American countries

Google Maps

Google Maps knows that the map app will soon be able to share its own location in real time

Android Auto App

It’s the identical expertise in case you plug to your device through a cable for the previous version of Android Auto.

google maps

Google is revealing a sizeable upgrade to Google Maps that brings another Wi-Fi only disconnected mode. Once empowered, Maps will go disconnected when there's no Wi-Fi signal, with route restricted to your zones you've downloaded to your gadget.


Google Maps is constantly under development. This implies new components are continually coming, however like numerous development ventures they don't generally show up when anticipated.