Google Maps: New location sharing allows you to share your own position

Google Maps

“Where are you?” – anyone who is traveling in a strange city can easily get upset by this question.

Google Maps

Fortunately, Google Maps knows that the map app will soon be able to share its own location in real time. A bit reminds the new feature of an infusion of Latitude.

In contrast to Google Latitude, which was once compulsorily integrated into Google+, the new location release is mainly temporary.

Specifically means: The user can individually adjust how long and with whom he wants to share his location.

The site menu will be shared with the Google Maps app, which will soon be the “Share Location” menu item, which will enable the feature.

Conveniently, site sharing does not only work with Google contacts. A location link can also be used to share your own position across any other app.

Once the location has been released, the selected persons will see their own position on a map. A compass also reminds the user that the location is actively shared.

Here, the location sharing can also simply be deactivated.

Location sharing for Android, iOS, and the web

Even within active navigation, the feature works. Simply click on “More” and then select “Share travel history”.

The selected persons can then see the distance traveled and the expected arrival time. Convenient: As soon as you arrive at the destination, the approval ends automatically.

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